#BeyondWCIT. Vincenzo Scotti (Link Campus University): ‘Innovation society must avoid dominant positions and unregulated competition’

#BeyondWCIT. Vincenzo Scotti (Link Campus University): ‘Innovation society must avoid dominant positions and unregulated competition’

di Vincenzo Scotti – Presidente di Link Campus University

Pubblichiamo l’intervento di Vincenzo Scotti (Presidente di Link Campus University) all’evento ‘Beyond Dubai: A New Global Agenda for the Internet’, organizzato da Alleanza per Internet e tenutosi a Roma nella Sala delle Conferenze internazionali del Ministero Affari Esteri.

I would like to thank all of you for joining us today and for the all the support we have enjoyed in the organisation of this conference; a special and a personal thank is due to Minister Terzi and the Secretary General Touren, for the attention they have dedicated us and also for the important meaning of their presence here today, in an initiative that Link Campus University considers of great significance, particularly  in the perspective of scientific research and development of the web and related issues.

When our friends from Alleanza per Internet, Franco Pizzetti, Luigi Gambardella, Raffaele Barberio, requested us to cooperate in this initiative we accepted with no doubt and provided them with all our support and endorsement.

For sure our decision was also connected to the relationship of friendship that we have with Alleanza per Internet, chaired by Franco Pizzetti who is the director of a Reseach Centre in our University.

But our wholehearted involvement and enthusiastic contribution to the project was and is still based on the fundamental idea: we realised that Dubai conference and its outcome has to be seen as a milestone for the debate on the issue we care for and a start for a development that is urgent and needs to quickly arrive to solutions – and I mean solutions that have to be agreed and shared by operators, by the web, by governments, by citizens and their associations.

We need common rules and a common framework that ensures flexibility, innovation, fair remuneration to all operators, development opportunities for countries and less advanced societies, the protection of fundamental rights of citizens.

The focus is not only on the technique, not only economic competition and technological innovation. The focus are men and women who inhabit this planet.

A humanity increasingly interconnected and linked by a common destiny.

A “fate community” that, if able to develop in peace and mutual respect, will be able to enjoy wonderful opportunities that the innovative company promises to humanity.

But this is not without danger. Without strong choices and shared this planetary community is at risk of new injustices, of new forms of coercion, including technological obstacles to a just and sustainable development.

It will be dangerous if the innovation society will develop on the basis of dominant positions, in a unregulated competition, focusing on the business motives.

We must resist the temptation of freedom and competition dense of rules and without balance. We know that it is precisely in the context of apparent freedom that a community can turn into anarchy, unable to allow everyone to enjoy the same opportunities on acceptable terms.

We are then, as other times in history, but never before on a global level, in front of a crossroads.

We can continue to focus only on the flexibility and innovation of a competition without rules, other than those of technique and market. Or we can go down the virtuous route of a community that seeks in laws and rules, shared globally, new criteria of justice.

The meeting’s agenda has important issues, but surely it is only part of the path to follow.

It is, however, an important step in an important moment.

For this reason Link University, who has in his name his vocation as a link with the world and that today, joined the network INTO, is perhaps the most Italian university networking with other universities in the world, we are here.

We believe that these issues should be able to rely on universities and research centers with special attention to problems of security, privacy protection, protection of citizens, which will help the institutions and actors of economy and technology to ensure a positive innovation, respectful of people and groups.

For this reason we are developing, as part of the Link, special attention to these issues, to which are already dedicated three research centers, one specialized on issues of security and intelligence, another on issues of computer security, then third, directed by Franco Pizzetti, on themes of the Digital Agenda and the innovative company in the framework of respect for privacy and fundamental rights.

These centers are already working in networking with other centers of excellence and will develop in the near future an intense cooperation with similar centers of INTO network universities.

Our ambition is high. We want to give Italy a university and scientific point of reference able to stay on par with the most reliable centers in the world. We want to ensure the country, but also to the international community, that can find into us carefull interlocutors  and landmarks, including scientific, solid.

We know there is much to do. But we also know that our will and our determination are up to our ambitions.

We know that the place of science, study and University is where is discussed the development of man and the society in which he lives. This is indeed the task of the University as we understand it and how the great tradition behind us he always thought. I therefore thank you for your presence.

Thanks to the Minister Terzi and all his employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who, with their generous attention, also showed attention to our University, that honors us.

Thanks to Alleanza per Internet.

Thanks to all the people present today and to the many colleagues who are here to demonstrate our common interest.

May this day be useful and productive for everyone.

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